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Global Events

Striving to provide our students with the most comprehensive info on summer opportunities all around the world we created "World of Chances". This online conference will feature a number of STEM experts, as well as representatives from a number of camps and non profits sharing their wisdom.

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Universal Database

Chance started with the aim of providing high school students with an online database containing dozens of research opportunities: internships, summer programmes and many more; all for free! No more mindless scrolling looking for your dream summer program, Chance puts it all into one place!

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Application system

Through working with our partners we've made applying to your dream research opportunity easier than ever! For select summer programs students can now simply fill out the application on our website, without the hassle of going to each camp application individually.

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Between the dates of July 2nd and July 15th, a gathering of 150 science students in year 11-12 from various regions of Australia and the world will take place at the University of Sydney for the Prof Harry Messel International Science School. During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in exciting and motivating scientific activities including discussions with leading researchers, behind-the-scenes tours of research facilities and labs, conversations with undergraduate and early-career scientists, and participation in hands-on experiments and other STEM-related endeavors. Apart from the scientific components of the ISS, attendees will also have the chance to explore the University of Sydney and the scenic city of Sydney while interacting with new friends from around the globe. Additionally, they will be housed in boarding accommodations and receive guidance from a team of exceptional and committed staff.

Sydney, Australia
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Simon Fellows are matched with Stony Brooks faculty mentors and join a research group where they are responsible for a project. The apprenticeship is concluded by producing a written research abstract and a research poster. In addition to learning valuable techniques and experiencing life at a major research university, Simons Fellows attend weekly faculty research talks and participate in special workshops, tours and events. At the closing poster symposium, students are presented with a stipend award.

New York, USA
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In November 2021, the crypto market reached a value of 3 trillion, exceeding the market cap of Apple, the most valuable company in the world. How did crypto come this far? Should you invest in them? In this program, students will learn the fundamentals, price history, and investing strategies for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In particular, they will understand What BTC is. Why does it have value? What are smart contracts? What is the price history of BTC and ETH? What are the risks associated with crypto assets? Students will also learn how to construct trading and investing strategies on crypto assets from the ground up

Rolling Admission
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When you attend the Stanford University Mathematics Camp, you will not only engage deeply in mathematics and develop as a mathematician, but you will also be immersed in a community of others who share your mathematical talent and curiosity. For three weeks, you will participate in online courses, make new friends, and be intellectually challenged. Many participants say the experience has changed their lives.

California, USA


We are strong believers in continuous growth. No matter if that involves expanding one's education, or providing more opportunities for our students.
Our initial goal for Chance was to bring real world STEM closer to the students, inspiring the next generations of engineers, doctors and tech whizzes.
One can't grow without getting their feet wet! The world has many challenges that need solutions, spreading education and experience gets us one step closer.
We all come from different backgrounds with different access to education. By working with our partners and universities around the world we try to bring STEM opportunities to all corners of the world.


“Conducting research in my area of interest has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities out there and allowed me to gain hands-on experiences in the real world STEM environment.”

Anonymous Student

“Thank you, Chance, because it was thanks to you that I learned about this program (SPINWIP at Stanford), which brought me a lot of new knowledge and connections with people from all around the world.”