Our mission

Bringing STEM closer to high school students by improving access to STEM summer programs and real world experiences. Streamlining the application process by creating the first global, centralized application system for summer programs.

Founded in 2022, Chance started off with a simple vision, to alleviate the struggle of finding real world STEM experiences for high school students. When searching for summer programs, it's not unusual for students to go through 5, 10, 20 pages of Google when looking for the right one, with Chance, all of that is in one place!

Nowadays Chance has evolved. Currently we're working on the first centralized, global application system for summer programs. Students will be able to apply to dozens of summer programs from one place, streamlining the application process. Furthermore, Chance is spreading real world STEM experiences around the globe, forming partnerships and helping create STEM summer programs especially in Europe where they were lacking until now!

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summer programs
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We are strong believers in continuous growth. No matter if that involves expanding one's education, or providing more opportunities for our students.
Our initial goal for Chance was to bring real world STEM closer to the students, inspiring the next generations of engineers, doctors and tech whizzes.
One can't grow without getting their feet wet! The world has many challenges that need solutions, spreading education and experience gets us one step closer.
We all come from different backgrounds with different access to education. By working with our partners and universities around the world we try to bring STEM opportunities to all corners of the world.

Join our team

We're an ever expanding team of dedicated volunteers; do you want to make a difference and help improve access to STEM education all around the world? Here are some of the roles we're currently looking for:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Procurement
  • Developer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Business Development and Outreach
Send us your CV to [email protected] if you're interested!